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Ajay Close | Jim Crumley

Ajay Close - novelist and dramatist

“…….happiness is living in two fictional worlds: the one I am currently reading, and the one I am writing. Depression is the state of being between books.”

Ajay Close is a highly regarded and accomplished author and playwright who was born in Sheffield, and worked as a newspaper journalist, winning several awards, before turning to writing full-time. Her first novel, Official and Doubtful, was longlisted for the Orange Prize. Her fourth, A Petrol Scented Spring, was longlisted for the Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction. Her play, The Keekin Gless, was staged at Perth Theatre. The Sma Room Séancetoured east Scotland and was performed at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Ajay will be running workshops for Higher English and Advanced Higher English pupils during our Schools Programme on Friday.

On Saturday Ajay will be leading a workshop titled

“I Want to Write but I Don't Know What to Write About”

This hard-working practical workshop is suitable for budding writers of all ages (12+). Looking at the variety of possible sources and inspirations for creative writing, with the aim of building confidence and freeing up the imagination, the group will talk about how everyone has their own unique voice as a writer, and how many famous writers have borrowed/stolen from other writers and legends. Each participant writes a 200-word opening to a story (a hand-out of starter ideas is provided) and the group brainstorms how each story might develop. Duration: 90-120 minutes.

Not to be missed – limited capacity, please book early.

PLEASE NOTE The time listed on the ticket is subject to change. Please refer to the finalised programme in August.

Ajay will also deliver an illustrated talk on the Scottish suffragettes and her book A Petrol Scented Spring, a riveting novel of repression, jealousy and love, and the struggle for women's emancipation. The story focusses on a fictional Scottish suffragette and her treatment, but is heavily based on fact and includes real characters. The book was long-listed for the Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction. We strongly recommend reading the book before attending this fascinating presentation.

'Intensely observant and articulate, packed with life.' - John Le Carre

'Holds a deserved place in the Pantheon of Scotland's exciting contemporary novelists.' - Val McDermid

A fascinating insight into one of the most compelling stories in the history of the women’s suffrage movement. - The Times

PLEASE NOTE The time listed on the ticket is subject to change. Please refer to the finalised programme in August.

Visit Ajay’s website here: http://www.ajayclose.co.uk/index.html

Jim Crumley – Jim Crumley is a Scottish nature writer, living and working in Scotland “where it gets harder and harder to win a hearing for nature or for the rights of the land itself.” His contribution to the literature of the land now amounts to more than 30 published books which have attracted many accolades throughout the British media and in North America. Jim writes a regular column Wild About Scotland every month for The Scots Magazine, and Choice Words every Tuesday for The Courier.

Jim’s book, The Eagle's Way, was shortlisted for a Saltire Society award; his Nature's Architect studies the beaver reintroductions, and his Encounters in the Wild series - which sees Jim get up close and personal with Britain's favourite animals - has attracted many new readers. Jim is a passionate advocate of species reintroductions, especially of wolf and beaver, and for the widespread restoration and expansion of native habitats. “A vigorous body of nature writing should be a sanctuary and a mouthpiece for nature’s voice. It is my aim to be a part of that endeavour.”

Three Lochs Festival is excited to welcome Jim to the 2018 Festival; where better to debate Jim’s belief that there should be a radical reappraisal of the relationship between the people of Scotland and the land, than in our remote rural environment where nature and land management are central to our lives.
Details of Jim’s activities at the Festival will follow shortly.

Visit Jim’s website here: https://jimcrumley.wordpress.com/

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